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Hi I'm Sayah Gold!

(Legal name is Sarah Gold Amburgey)

I'm a story artist currently at DreamWorks Animation. At the start of my college education I studied creative writing and English literature. However, after finding out I was dyslexic, I decided it was a sign for me to pursue something in animation. This lead me to find Storyboarding. 

I graduated in 2018 at Digipen Institution of Technology in Redmond, Washington. Receiving my Bachelors Degree in Digital Art and Animation and a minor in English. Shortly after finishing art school, I was hired as a story trainee at Dreamworks and eventually took on as a full time Story Artist.

Stories for me is just like hiding your veggies in spaghetti, the sauce and noodles being the comedy and action. The veggies being the life lessons and emotions.

My love for story began at a very young age with manga and anime. And continued as I explored literature and movies.

I love working with music (probably because of my many years in musical theater as a kid) and a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to psychology. Which I believe influences my personal work a bit.

Thanks For Reading!





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