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Frequently Asked Questions:

Don't see the answer to your question? feel free to send me a message at:


Wacom Cintiq 22, ipad pro

Programs: photoshop and procreate

Brushes: the Kyle Webster brushes (I specifically use the oil paint brushes and flatten it , Webster brushes comes with adobe Photoshop) and Shiyoon Kim’s brush set

What is a Story Artist?

Here look at this: Click

Are you working on Shrek 5?

        click me 


Maybe one day but at the moment I don’t think I have the proper skills required to teach anyone. Especially in regards to a big group.

Can you Look over my Portfolio?

In the past I used to do this quite often. However, its been quite overwhelming for me to take on more work than I already have. If I table or attend any conventions such as CTN or Lightbox, I’m more than happy to look it over there in person. I also have the portfolio that got me my first job at the bottom of the page.


Do you take commissions?

Sorry I don’t do individual commissions anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t have time what with working a full time as well as pursuing my own endeavors outside of work. Personally, most commissions like portraits, emotes, pet stuff, etc. Aren’t really projects that interest me.

Do you Need Representation?

At the moment I’m not actively looking for representation because I’m still sorting out my own stuff, but I’m wanting to once I'm ready to tackle my future ambitions. So I'm more than happy to hear anyone interested in representing me.


School? Do You Recommend Going There?

I went to Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. Although I really value my time in school, I wouldn’t recommend any students who are wanting to go into storyboarding to go there unless you live in Washington(since it would be cheaper with living and in state tuition.) It's not impossible to make it work, but the school has a more video game focus (I originally went to pursue 3D animation, wanting to animate for games. But Maya is the devil and I switched my focus to storyboarding.)


Best way to contact you?

I actually don’t look at social media very often so contacting me via LinkedIn or Instagram will probably lead to me overlooking your message. If you want to get a hold of me, I recommend emailing me at:


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